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Earth School

In Earth School, David Sloan brings us to a place built upon intuition, a poetry grounded in the earth yet attuned to the forces beyond our ken. A mother’s former ferocity fades; sons should be sadder, yet are left to ponder the link between “mother” and “smother.” Such word play and wit enliven these poems, and as I read them I felt in the presence of a master whose skill with language and metaphor constantly surprised me. Whether it’s long-flamed love or the enlightenment of a present moment, Sloan allows a reader to deeply feel these poems’ tenderness,

unencumbered and transparent. In this book, as in Sloan’s title poem, “the tunes are always simple, / hummable, wise. / And when they end, / [we feel] both revived and forsaken, / a diver who glimpses treasure /and momentarily grasps the gold / before the currents rip it away.” We are greatly enriched by what Sloan leaves us.

—Jefferson Navicky, author of Head of Island Beautification for the Rural Outlands

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A Rising

David Sloan's second collection of poems astonishes and delights at every turn, literally as each line breaks upon a next elegant phrase, apt image or surprising metaphor.  There are several ekphrastic poems that are among the best I've ever read, a sestina that definitely is, a supple and indelible ghazal.  The scope of subject matter is breathtaking: birth, childhood, grief, marriage, relationships of all ilks, including one's relationship to Nature, and many more.  A few poems are hilariously funny, others beautifully dark and sobering...

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The Irresistible In-Between 

The Irresistible In-Between by David Sloan is a gathering of poems in three sections. Through fluent and persuasive verse, David Sloan presents a range of topics from lexical semantics to how to be a better man, or how "the sky-in-water" transmutes into "the geometry of branchings." Not many of these poems are abstract contemplations. There is color, physical exertion, insomnia, repose, discovery, and family interactions we can relate to because Sloan's mastery of language is honest as his being is passionate. These poems are the product of a writer that finds precious complexities in ordinary places.


Life Lessons

What can be more moving than an idealistic teenager inspired by literature? David Sloan shares his own love of literature and his years of teaching this many-faceted subject to high schoolers. Recent studies have revealed that adult cite their language arts classes in high school as the most influential in inspiring them towards their future and for their moral development. This jewel of a book shares decades of experience in enticing youngsters to plumb the depths of possibilities in the great literature of all time, ancient and contemporary alike. Teachers and parents will find much to inspire them in using stories to uplift, engage, dream, problem solve, pursue adventure and to love and honor worthy leaders, worthy goals.

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Stages of Imagination

This book is alive with the author's conviction of the importance of drama for adolescents. He presents drama as an antidote to the cultural wasteland available for today's youth. Also included are speech exercises, dramatic exercises, an outline of how to stage a play, and suggestions of appropriate plays. 

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